The Treasured House


Restoring FREEDOM

Treasured Lives is partnering with Why We Ride and MOTOvational Inc to open the first crisis house in South Dakota for survivors of sex trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Safe havens for victims is a dire need. Currently, there are no temporary crisis homes or shelters that are specifically for assisting survivors of sex trafficking and CSE in the state of South Dakota. As a result, victims often end up in domestic violence shelters that are not equipped to deal with the complex trauma of sex trafficking. Without a safe place to stay, victims are at high risk for returning to their traffickers. The Treasured House will provide a safe haven, giving hope to those who enter.

The Treasured House will provide

  • A cozy, non-hospital atmosphere
  • A safe environment with security system
  • Individual and family rooms
  • 24/7 trained staff on-site
  • Food, shelter, clothing, necessities
  • Access to trauma counseling, support groups, peer mentoring
  • Access to medical and dental care
  • Crisis care
  • Online classes
  • Respite care
  • Access to legal help
  • Individualized stay plans
  • One-on-one case management

Support The
Treasured House

Partner with us to hit our goal and make The Treasured House a reality soon! 

Our charitable efforts were born by the hit documentary Why We Ride and have have grown to a wide reach of beneficiaries, including children fighting cancer, survivors of sex-trafficking, and honoring our military veterans.