What others are saying about Treasured Lives

You are absolutely the only one that is in the ministry of helping trafficking survivors that is truly 100% legit and into the body, mind, and soul and for no other false intentions.  I love you for being there by my side for every bit of it. Survivor Sister

Thank you so much for presenting as a 301 Academic and Research Track speaker at the 2022 Northern Colorado Human Trafficking Symposium held on 18th February 2022. Wow!! You did an outstanding job sharing with us on ‘Removing the Mystery from Dissociation’. We have heard from many who attended your session, and they informed us that they were all so blown away by your expertise and wisdom. Your session was incredibly educational, eye-opening, informative, and engaging. Thank you so much for helping us raise awareness about the pressing issue of human trafficking, and for sharing your time, knowledge, and expertise with us. Your work on trauma, dissociation, and healing is changing the world!!  Lumina Albert, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Management; Daniels Ethics Fellow, 2022; Colorado State University; Board of Directors, New Horizons House; Founder and Executive Director, CSU Center for Ethics and Human Rights

This ministry is incredible. Spend some time here…you’ll learn more than you ever thought. Sandy Goff Williams

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of people that proclaim to help survivors, I have yet to meet anybody–and I mean anybody besides you who really and truly does! Anonymous Survivor

This book, “From Trafficked To Treasured”, was devastating to read but ultimately an encouragement to finish – her story is one like many women experience in America as trafficked individuals – that is surprising to us all – and brutal. Ultimately, though, her story of redemption and freedom gives us hope for all of the abused and oppressed. Very well written. Very important. Todd Burns, Producer, Hollywood

In my 35 years of Law Enforcement, several years as Sheriff, and multiple HT trainings, today is the first day that I felt I truly was trained on human trafficking.  Thank you. Nebraska Sheriff M

Meeting you guys is the first time I have felt fully understood and believed as a survivor.  You have helped me understand myself so much.  Thank you. Survivor

Best event I’ve been to in a LONG time. Wow that was good stuff.  She is right…we all need to DO something, anything we can to stop the trafficking where we live. Matthew Miller, Bowman, ND